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Could we build a ChatGPT-like system that also supports image understanding and generation? One intuitive idea is to train a multi-modal conversational model. However, building such a system would consume a large amount of data and computational resources. Besides, another challenge comes that what if we want to incorporate modalities beyond languages and images, like videos or voices? Would it be necessary to train a totally new multi-modality model every time when it comes to new modalities or functions?

Equan P.

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Directing AI Model with Prompt Engineering

Prompt engineering is a process of creating a prompt (question or command) that directs a language model along a specific path, facilitating specific tasks and limiting the scope of the language model's output. The goal is to ensure that the language model understands and answers questions correctly and relevantly.

Equan P.
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Expert Plumber: Will It Be Replaced by AI?

The term Expert Plumber combines the concept of a professional who is adept at solving technical problems (like a plumber) with advanced AI technology to aid in software development tasks. This illustrates how AI can help speed up the development process and enable programmers to be more productive and efficient in their work.

Equan P.